March 29, 2022


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"Harnessing the Knowledge: Languages and Models underlying Knowledge Graphs"

Keynote by Prof. Renzo Angles

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First Block

Teodoro Baldazzi, Davide Benedetto, Matteo Brandetti, Adriano Vlad, Luigi Bellomarini and Emanuel Sallinger

Heuristic-based Reasoning on Financial Knowledge Graphs

Ployplearn Ravivanpong, Till Riedel and Pascal Stock

Towards Extracting Causal Graph Structures from Trade Data and Smart Financial Portfolio Risk Management

Naser Ahmadi, Hansjorg Sand and Paolo Papotti

Building A Knowledge Graph for Audit Information

Livia Blasi

A Temporal Datalog Primer


Second Block

Markus Nissl and Emanuel Sallinger
Modeling Smart Contracts with DatalogMTL

Mattia Scaccia, Ilaria Stocchi and Luigi Bellomarini

Neurosymbolic Reasoning: Building Neural Networks using Datalog

Shuai Wang

On the Analysis of Large Integrated Knowledge Graphs for Economics, Banking, and Finance

Davide Magnanimi and Michela Iezzi

Ownership Graphs and Reasoning in Corporate Economics

Marta Bernardini, Matthias Lanzinger, Rosario Laurendi and Stefano Sferrazza

Family Link Detection in Uncertain Settings with MV-Datalog±


Discussion Panel: Knowledge Graphs and Industrial Applications

Eike Nicklas, BIS and HMS Analytical Software

Anna Gossen, BIS and HMS Analytical Software

Maurizio Gazzola, Chief of Strategic Technology Solutions, former Head of Technology Innovation Labs - United Nations

Dimitri Marinelli, Financial data scientist, UN

Hansjörg Sand, Partner with KPMG

Juan F. Sequeda,


Third Block

Teodoro Baldazzi and Paolo Atzeni
Warded Datalog+/- Reasoning in Financial Settings with Harmful Joins

Anna Gossen and Eike Nicklas

Improved Analysis of Survey Data using Knowledge Graphs

Zehua Cheng, Lianlong Wu, Thomas Lukasiewicz, Emanuel Sallinger and Georg Gottlob

Democratise Financial Knowledge Graph Construction By Mining Massive Brokerage Research Report

Adriano Vlad, Sahar Vahdati, Mojtaba Nayyeri, Luigi Bellomarini and Emanuel Sallinger

Towards Hybrid Logic-based and Embedding-based Reasoning on Financial Knowledge Graphs